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2019 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
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Begining of The Fiscal Period
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Barbaros Mahallesi, Mor Sümbül Sokak No:7/2 B Ataşehir, İstanbul
Agenda Items
1 - Opening and formation of the Meeting Council and, authorizing the Meeting Council to sign the minutes of the General Meeting,
2 - Reading and deliberating on the Board of Directors' Annual Report pertaining to the accounting period of 2019,
3 - Reading the Independent Audit Report pertaining to the accounting period of 2019,
4 - Reading, deliberating on and approving the Consolidated Financial Statements pertaining to the accounting period of 2019,
5 - Deliberation on and approval of the release of each Board Member due to their activities performed within 2019,
6 - Discussion of the Board of Directors' dividend payout proposal for 2019 prepared in accordance with the Company's dividend payout policy.
7 - Submitting the selection of the Independent Auditing Firm by the Board of Directors for 2020 fiscal year in line with the Turkish Commercial Code and the Capital Market Legislation to the shareholders for approval,
8 - Election of the members of the Board of Directors and establishment of their terms of office pursuant to Article 12 of the Articles of Association,
9 - Determination of annual fees of the Board members,
10 - Informing the shareholders of the donations made in 2019 and, identifying the upper limit for the donations to be made in 2020,
11 - Authorization of the Board Members to engage in such activities as stated in the articles no. 395 and 396 of the Turkish Commercial Code,
12 - Informing the shareholders of the guarantees, liens, mortgages and securities granted in favor of 3rd persons and the incomes and benefits obtained therefrom in 2019 as per the article 12 of the Capital Market Board's Corporate Governance Communique Serial No. II-17.1.,
13 - Informing the shareholders of the transactions as per the article no. 1.3.6 of the Capital Market Board's Corporate Governance Communique Serial No. II-17.1.,
14 - Informing the shareholders of the payments to the Board Members and the executives with administrative responsibilities as per the Remuneration Policies put in writing in line with the respective Corporate Governance Principles,
15 - Informing the share owners for the Company's share buy-back transactions in accordance with the decision of The Board of Directors on March 20th,2020,
16 - Wishes, recommendations and closing.
Corporate Actions Involved In Agenda
Dividend Payment
General Assembly Invitation Documents
Appendix: 1
GK Davet 2019.pdf - Announcement Document
Appendix: 2
GA Inv 2019.pdf - Announcement Document
Appendix: 3
GA2019Invitation_ Disclosure.pdf - General Assembly Informing Document
Appendix: 4
2019 GK Bilgilendirme Dökümanı.pdf - General Assembly Informing Document
Additional Explanations

Our Company's 2019 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 22th of July 2020 at 10.00 AM Barbaros Quarter, Mor Sümbül Street No:7/2 Ataşehir/İstanbul.

Information will be provided on the website

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