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With the decision of the Board of Directors dated 11/09/2023, our company was registered as OYAK Denizli Çimento A.Ş., registered in the Ankara Trade Registry Office with the registration number 389479. It was decided to merge with and an application was made to the Capital Markets Board on the same date. Our company is Oyak Cement Factories Inc. "Announcement Text" regarding the merger of OYAK Denizli Çimento A.Ş. by taking over as a whole with all its assets and liabilities, based on the financial statements dated 30/06/2023, with the decision of the Capital Markets Board dated 22/11/2023. approved.

Our company's application for amendment to the Articles of Association has been submitted to T.R. It was made to the Ministry of Commerce today. The amendment draft of Article No. 7, Share and Transfer of Shares and Company Capital, of our Articles of Association, which is the subject of the application, is attached.

We present it to the public for information.

In contradiction between the Turkish and English versions of tihs public disclosure, the Turkish version shall prevail.